Power Up Your Gmail Inbox

Transform Gmail into a multi-channel helpdesk — bringing email, live chat, knowledge base, and voice communication in one space.

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Key Features that Power Up

Email Management and Collaboration

Streamline collaboration, save time individually and as a team with features like:

  • Shared inboxes for seamless handoffs
  • Filters to bucket email conversations and save them for quick access
  • Shared drafts to figure out the best responses together
  • Canned responses for faster, more consistent responses across the team
  • Notes and @mentions to tag a colleague and write a note
Plus more powerful features, all within your Gmail inbox.


Focus on what matters, streamline your workflows:

  • Round-robin email assignment for balanced workloads
  • Rule-based tagging for easy prioritisation
  • Automated reminders to ensure timely responses

Multi-Channel Support

Centralise inquiries from all channels and collaborate efficiently:

  • Live chat to answer your customer’s queries in minutes instead of hours
  • Customisable knowledge base to deflect repetitive queries and empower customers to self-serve
  • Voice inbox to track and make calls right inside Gmail
  • WhatsApp integration to manage all incoming queries via WhatsApp without leaving your inbox
Plus more integrations with popular support channels.

Loved by 10,000+ teams

Power Up Like They Have


...faster email resolution. That's how Vacasa streamlined their support with Hiver.

387 hrs

...saved in a month. Flexport boosts team productivity and efficiency with Hiver.


...faster support through improved collaboration. Oxford Business Group scales effortlessly with Hiver.


...SLA success rate. Kiwi achieves prompt communication with partners with Hiver.


Powering Up Support Across Industries

Hiver addresses major challenges such as:

  • Education: High volume of student and parent inquiries, often with repetitive questions
  • Healthcare: Patient billing, medical reports, appointments, and claims scattered across multiple channels
  • Logistics: Resolving shipping delays, returns, and customer inquiries quickly while managing a high volume of requests

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